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About Us

The Klug Clan


Ernst and Thea Klug with their sons Nikolaus, Patritz, Johannes and daughter-in-law and Grandkids.


First and foremost we are a family, business always takes second place - Being real people is what counts for us, that’s the way we live our lives and that’s the way we run the Lendplatzl. We are far from perfect, have our quirks and quite often we are even quite nutty, but we truly love life and what we do for a living. We try to share that love and appreciation with those around us, be it guests, employees, suppliers, or anyone else.


Ernst & Thea

The BigBossDuo. Their hard work and personal sacrifice over the years has transformed the Lendplatzl into what it is today. The both of them take loving care of guests, employees, the house and many, many more things.


Nikolaus & Mckenzie

Oldest son, returned from abroad and brought with him his wife Mckenzie and 3 kids - Gabriella, Silas and Delaney. Nikolaus is learning to walk in Ernst’s shoes in the restaurant and is gradually taking over more and more responsibilities.



Mathematician and Economist, mostly found in the office, always busy helping everybody out and trying to safe the company a few more bucks.



Youngest son, grew up in the restaurant. Johannes keeps a tight reign over the service part and is learning to master all of Thea’s responsibilities.


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