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Daily from 11 am to 11 pm


~ Soups ~


Beef Bouillon

with semolina dumpling

or sliced pancakes

or liver dumpling

or noodles


Styrian garlic soup

with roasted bread crumbs


Onion soup

baked with white bread and cheese


Soup pot „Old Graz“

with boiled beef, noodles and carrots


Mushroom soup

with mashed buckwheat



~ Snacks ~


Thinly sliced sausage

with fresh onions, marinated with vinegar and pumpkin seed oil


Thinly sliced cooked beef

with onion rings, boiled egg and pumpkin seed oil


Deep fried mushrooms

with tartar sauce


Small “Wiener Schnitzel” on toasted bread

served with tartar sauce and salad


Grilled cutlet on toasted bread

with cocktail sauce and salad


Small steak on toast

with fried egg, cocktail sauce and salad



~ Salads~


Green salad


Mixed salad



Pumpkinseed Oil



Potato salad


Beetle-bean salad

With pumpkinseed oil



with warm potatoes, garlic, egg and pumpkin seed oil


Styrian salad

green salad with potatoes, garlic and pumpkin seed oil


Farmer’s salad

green salad with boiled beef, beetle-beans, cheese, onions and pumpkin seed oil


Grazer salad

Green salad with potatoes, fried bacon, bread crumbs, garlic and pumpkin seed oil


Mixed green salad with chicken fingers

grilled or deep-fried with Balsamic vinegar dressing



~ Main Courses~


Breaded fried chicken liver

served with tartar sauce and salad


Breaded fried liver

with potato salad


Roasted liver

in sauce with rice


“Tyrolian liver” 

grilled with apple slices, bacon and fried potatoes


½ chicken-fried chicken


“Wiener Schnitzel” *

with French-fries


Roast cutlet

in sauce with rice


Schnitzel in pumpkin seed breading *

with potato salad (with Styrian pumpkin seed oil)


Cordon bleu *

with parsley-potatoes       


*at additional cost prepared with chicken


“Eastern Styrian Cutlet“

roasted with apple slices and cheese, roast potatoes



Pork cutlets with garlic served with green beans, bacon and fried potatoes


Mixed grilled platter

cutlet, chicken, liver and sausages with herbed butter and French fries


Grilled chicken breast

with tomato-zucchini vegetables and polenta


Spicy chicken stirfry

in zucchini-cream sauce, with rice


Roasted chicken strips

in creamed vegetables with mini potato dumplings topped with cheese


Boiled Beef

in bouillon with apple-horseradish and roast potatoes


Filet Boeuf Stroganoff (á la chef)

with homemade Austrian noodles


Strip-Loin steak

with small potato dumplings and mushrooms



served with an egg sunny-side-up, fried vegetables and french fries



with pepper sauce and potato croquettes


Lendplatzl-platter“ (for 2)

baked and fried meat with vegetables and French fries




~ Vegetarian Choices~


Breaded and deep-fried sheep cheese

with mixed salad


Potato-vegetable patty

served with garlic-herb sauce and salad salad


Homemade Austrian Noodles

fried and ratinated, served with salad


Fried noodles with tomato-zucchini sauce

covered with parmesan cheese


Creamy polenta

with grilled Halloumi cheese and tomatoes


Veggie Mix

polenta slices, fried sheep cheese, potato vegetable patty with two dips and vegetables



~ Fish~


Salmon trout

with horseradish-sauce, root vegetables and rice


Grilled pike-perch

served with vegetables and potatoes



~ Desserts~



with apricot jam

with cranberry sauce

with chocolate sauce

with sweet-cheese


Crêpes with sweet-cheese

and vanilla-sauce


Crêpes Mix

4 Crêpes filled with apricot jam, with cranberry sauce, with chocolate sauce and sweet-cheese


Homemade apple- or sweet-cheese-strudel

with vanilla-sauce



Traditional Viennese chocolate cake, served with whipped cream


Small, hot chocolate cake

with whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Fried apples

with whipped cream and cranberry jam


Emperor’s pancake

with plum chuttney