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Dining Areas

The entire interior is non-smoker



The Yard - Ous Outside

90 - 95 Seats

A great place to kick back and relax in the middle of town.



Veranda - The Winter Garden

28 Seats

The calling card of the Lendplatzl - bright and sunny.




Feststube - For Festivities

35 - 40 Seats

Ideal for groups, celebrations, parties and anything that needs a bit more space.




Das Nischerl - Tucked Away

8 Seats

One of the favorite spots for regulars - homey and private.





Das Stüberl - Traditional Austrian Style

20 - 25 Seats

Meticulously renovated to preserve the ancient vaults that keep our house together. Great place to feel the history of the house and the “old country”.




Das Gwölb - Privacy with Atmosphere

18 - 24 Seats

Only recently opened to the public, this room has been renovated with great care to preserve its original architecture. This is where you want to host smaller parties away from the rest of the business of the restaurant.



The Bar

8 Seats and Bar

The heart and main hub of life in the Lendplatzl